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Compositions and Arrangements have moved to: OlivePress Music!

For a little while I have been tending, pruning and steadily growing five collections of publications for educators and entertainers alike. These come from years of my own work, having been tested out on the stage and in the classroom. Well, these pieces finally have their own home:! This is where you can now… Continue reading Compositions and Arrangements have moved to: OlivePress Music!

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Play Jazz Piano with Ben!

I want to play jazz – but where to start? Over the years of teaching piano I've often been asked to help a student learn 'how to play jazz'. This often seems like a reasonable request but can be hard to execute – depending on the students' proficiency in reading music, or understanding music theory,… Continue reading Play Jazz Piano with Ben!


More on condensing in Sibelius

Following on from my last blog post in which I laid out a method for 'condensing' scores in Sibelius (combining numbered instrumental parts onto one stave while retaining separate dynamic parts), I went ahead and made a video outlining another method for achieving this which doesn't involve needing to make a separate copy of the… Continue reading More on condensing in Sibelius


Orchestrating in Sibelius – condensing workaround

I've recently been doing some orchestrations in Sibelius as part of a fun project to introduce some of Debussy's piano music to youth orchestras. As it had been a little while since I wrote anything for large ensembles using the software, coming back to it for this project reminded me of a few problems for… Continue reading Orchestrating in Sibelius – condensing workaround

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The State of Music Notation Software in 2021

Are you a musician who sometimes needs to created notated music on a computer, but you feel like you haven’t kept up with what’s the latest out there? Are you still using Sibelius 5, or a copy of Finale you bought when you were a student a couple of decades ago? I’d imagine it’s beginning… Continue reading The State of Music Notation Software in 2021