Notation Services

Create something of note. Lots of notes.

Ben Trigg has been preparing music for over a decade, working with songwriters and arrangers to get their music spruced up, ready for performance and sale. From single-line lead sheets with guitar chords and lyrics, to full-blown big band and orchestral scores and parts, Ben’s experience meets every demand with expert ease (and expertise). Read more about services and past projects below, and get in touch to talk about your project.

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Song sheet music


Sheet music bundle of your song: Chord chart, lead sheet and piano-vocal arrangement, perfectly suited to songwriters and church worship leaders.



Any material arranged for any ensemble. Ben’s previous work includes arrangements for choir, band, big band, orchestra, mixed ensembles and more…


£Flexible per project

Your rough scores – handwritten, MIDI, or notation files – professionally prepared for publication and performance, with both score and parts.

Sample Pages

See below for images of a small orchestral score (disguised). ‘Before’ shows the state of the engraving when I first received it; ‘after’ demonstrates the significant enhancements that were made through engraving.



Previous Clients

London City Voices / Richard Swan

Engraving (viral YouTube) Choir Arrangements

Choir director, arranger and entrepreneur Richard Swan has dozens of unique arrangements he has created for his choir, the London City Voices. Ben took his basic notation files created in Logic Pro, exported them using MusicXML into his notation software, and engraved them to produce beautiful, finished scores and parts ready for publication. Check out the video for LCV’s 2020 lockdown hit ‘You’ve Got A Friend’ here, and a preview of the sheet music for sale here.

New Tottenham Singers / Tom Fowkes

Arrangement/Orchestration of Big Band & Orchestral accompaniments for choir performances

Choir director Tom Fowkes has been putting on ambitious programmes for his choir since 2010, and in 2011 employed Ben’s services to produce nine big band and small orchestra arrangements for the ensembles he had booked to accompany his choir’s performances. Ben even had the opportunity to play keyboard and guitar for one of the concerts. You can check out Ben’s arrangement of ‘Jerusalem’ by Hubert Parry here, perfect for smaller community, school or college ensembles!

Rising Generation Music / Mike Burn

Piano & vocal sheet music arrangements for 12 lullabies

Mike Burn has been writing songs for children and families for decades. For his latest project Ben not only helped produce a record of original lullabies but also arranged and engraved them for piano and voice for Mike’s publishing house, Rising Generation Music. Mike had this to say:

Ben produced an album of lullabies for us, and went above and beyond, exceeding the brief for the project. The arrangements, recording, production and mixing were all excellent, and the music-scoring was an added advantage for this very high quality “one-stop-shop”.

Mike Burn
Sample page for Mike Burn's song 'I've Heard It Said'
The first page of Mike Burn’s ‘I’ve Heard It Said’