Ben is a London-based multi-instrumentalist with music running through his veins. In 2007 he graduated with a BA(Hons) in Music from York University, specialising in percussion and composition. Since then, he has been a regular fixture in function and jazz bands, worked as a session musician, taught lessons in guitar, bass, drums, piano and music theory, composed music for video, orchestrated parts for a swing big band, produced high-quality sheet music, been a musical director, and a home-studio-based arranger and producer.

Through everything he brings a high level of intuitive sensitivity to the needs of each client and project, as well as his own personal musical touch.

The work Ben has done over the last decade includes:

As producer:
* Silver & Gold – Jon & Emily Darby
* Backing tracks for Ashanti Strings live shows and showreel
* Violin repertoire with piano – Felicity Broome-Skelton
* Solo EPs

As a session musician
* Alive Together (piano, guitar) – Tim Boniface Band
* The Acoustic Sessions (percussion, bass) – Chris & Jennie Orange
* Silver & Gold (percussion, keys, bass, vocals) – Jon & Emily Darby
* This Good News (keys, vocals, guitar) – Ichthus Christian Fellowship
* A Gospel Christmas (keys, vocals, additional programming) – Ichthus Christian Fellowship

As an arranger
* Regular MIDI and audio arranger and recording artist for Mark Pierce (Revelator Studio)
* Backing tracks for Lizzie May live shows and showreel
* MIDI tracking and editing for Hymn Technology

As an orchestrator
* Christmas choir and big band arrangements from piano score for the New Tottenham Singers

As a music engraver and arranger
* Sheet music for songwriters including Graham Kendrick, Chris Orange
* sheet music with publisher’s copyright and watermark for Integrity Music publishers

As a performer
* Keyboard and electric guitar for New Tottenham Singers & Big Band Christmas concert
* Keyboards for the London City Voices’ Summer 2017 concert at the Troxy, London
* Solo pianist for weddings and birthday functions
* Jazz and pop keys player for functions throughout the year including with/for Tim Boniface, Richard Swan, Tom Early and more
* Jazz concert pianist

As a music director
* Front man and organiser for wedding and function bands
* MD for Church Mission Society opening ceremony of new premises

As a teacher
* Music theory teacher
* piano teacher – jazz and classical
* drums and percussion teacher
* bass teacher
* guitar teacher
* group workshops in singing, songwriting, band leading and more