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Stephen Stills’ ‘Love The One You’re With’ comes to 4-part choir

This much-loved classic from the 70s has its fans, but very few arrangements exist out there for choir – a big gap given the strong group vocals on the original record. The song is lively, positive, energetic – great for choirs, which is why I was asked to arrange it for our school’s choir as a two-part version, including rhythm section accompaniment parts.

Having done so, I also created a standard 4-part SATB arrangement which includes (maybe) the most ambitious falsetto leap for the Basses in all of choral history. I did say maybe. Well, if Stephen Stills did it…

Crazy octave falsetto leap, Basses . . . You can do it!

Choirs can purchase the 4-part version (with rhythm section accompaniment parts) right now and get their singers swingin’! The link will take you to an associated product page with music and audio previews.

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