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Cover bands: No more scribbling out horn parts and charts!

As a leader of a function band, I know how easy it is to get lost in conflicting charts and parts when you’re trying to put together a gig. You cobble together your leftovers from previous engagements – sometimes handwritten parts, sometimes someone else’s – and who knows if they match up to what you expect.

As the video above explains, after a little while of this, I said to myself: NO MORE. I want to create horn parts and band charts that work across the board, every time, arranged for flexible line-ups to suit the needs of the gig. I want the charts to show a flexible structure too, for those live situations where you want to throw an extra chorus in for fun. And, I want the charts to look great.

That’s why I’ve created an essential list of function band tunes and made them available with a band leader chart (comprising chords, structure and a cue guide of the horn parts), and parts for up to four horn players (alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet and trombone, transposed as appropriate for each instrument).

Tune highlights include: All Night Long by Lionel Richie, Never Too Much by Luther Vandross, and two versions of Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder (Concert B and Concert Bb). At time of writing there are 23 songs covered, running the gamut of popular function band songs with horns in; but more will no doubt be added down the line.

Cover bands: you’re covered! No more faffing with endless bits of paper. Download these charts and enjoy the gig!

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