3 steps to recording your song

Have you ever thought about just what it would take to get your song recorded, ready for you to share with family, friends, fans . . . the world?

As an artist, I know the creative urge to complete what you’ve been working on by getting it ‘out there’ in some form. Having a finished product you – and perhaps many others – can look back on, can give you a huge sense of satisfaction.

I can help you record your song.

1. Send me a scratch demo recording, and say hello

Get in touch via the contact page to start an email conversation about your project. During this phase you can send me a demo – as rough as you like! Go ahead and record it on your phone. We can also talk about your ideas for the song, what artists inspire you, and the general creative direction.

2. It’s your song – so let’s record you!

Chances are you’d like to sing your lead vocal, play your main instrument, or both, on your track. So it’s probably best that we get together to stick you in front of a good microphone or two and capture your performance of the song before the big step 3 gets underway. Even if you don’t want to perform on your track, it will probably still be useful to get together. You may have a friend who’s an amazing singer that you want to perform on the record – hey, 3’s a crowd!

3. Hear your song . . . transformed

This is where I get to work on the rest of the instrumentation and carry your song through to finished form. From stripped-down acoustic numbers to blazing rock anthems to electro-pop, I have arranged, mixed and mastered cross-genre for various artists. The process involves:

  • Recording other instruments to add them to your track
  • Recording backing vocals if required
  • Recording other musicians if required (will add some cost)
  • Mixing the whole song
  • Sending it to you for up to 3 reviews
  • Mastering the track ready for release into the world!

As an artist, I also have experience in marketing and selling music in physical and digital mediums. As part of the package, you will gain exclusive access to some of the tips and best practices I have picked up over the years of selling my own music.

4. Wait . . . what?

Ok . . . so there is a fourth step in which you have to pay me – but I’m throwing a lot in with a package that costs just £175. Let’s review what you get for that price:

  • A consultation;
  • a recording session;
  • a further round of recording and editing to bring the arrangement to completion;
  • the mixing stage with up to 3 rounds of changes;
  • mastering of your track;
  • tips and tricks for selling your music.

And if you have multiple songs you want to record, on the economy of scale you will quickly find out it works out increasingly well for you as costs only go up incrementally from there with each song you want to record as part of your project. See the Recording page for some of the other packages available, and we can easily negotiate the best price at the initial consultation stage!

So . . . what’s your latest hit?

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