Live Music

Hiring a live band for your event is easy!

Looking for the right act for your event? Here at Ben Trigg Music we’re used to weddings, birthdays, corporate events and functions of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve already put together some of our most popular packages on our Live Music page to help you get started. But here’s a bit more information to help you think and plan properly in advance of getting in touch to book an act.


We charge per musician

We typically charge around E200 per musician, plus expenses. There’s room for movement in this figure, especially depending on various factors like: how long you want us to play for, how many specific songs you want to request, and so on. But by and large, it usually averages around £200 per musician. Whether you want to book a solo jazz pianist, or a 7-piece extravaganza to fill the dance floor.

Expenses (and food. Food is very important.)

Travel expenses are usually calculated at £0.45/mile as per standard HMRC recommendations for the self-employed. Obviously it will vary depending on how far musicians will have to travel, but we can usually provide a fairly accurate estimate of this at the quotation stage of booking (see below) so we can make sure you’re happy with that figure. It is also possible that some musicians may lift share – we like to try to do our bit for the environment where we can! And it reduces the cost for you.

Also – we all like our food. Musicians especially need feeding. If your event is happening around a meal time and is serving food to guests, we will ask for some to be provided for us too. It makes for a better performance all round!

Admin fee – depending on requirements

Sometimes it will be necessary to add an admin fee, somewhere between £100-200 (or more if really necessary). This covers time spent booking musicians, arranging song requests if they have been made, organising PA hire if that is required (see below).

PA hire – an optional extra

In some cases it may be desirable and feasible for you as the client to factor in the cost of hiring PA equipment. Many of our packages can come self-contained with amplification, but for larger events in larger venues where something more is required to fill the space, we will offer the possibility of hiring PA equipment. That can be determined during the discussion phase (see below).

The Booking Process

The discussion phase

This, unsurprisingly, is where the conversation starts: you tell us what you want, when you want it, and just how you’d like it to be. Coffee can be involved while we talk. Or something a little stronger.

The quotation phase

Once we’ve processed your requirements, we will go away and put together a quote with two or three variations (where possible). This will help you see how costs are spread out, and decide which investments are more important to you.

The contract phase

Once you’re happy with your quote, we will send you a contract for signature. This helps us legally to know that we can get paid and this won’t fall through. Then it’s over to us – we’ll start booking musicians, equipment, making arrangements for the day, and more.

The Event

If we’ve done all the right preparation – we know who to liaise with, when to arrive, where to go when we arrive, and so on – it makes for a real breeze on the day! That’s why we make sure we have all these questions answered ahead of time. Meaning you can show up and enjoy the music, with no hassle at all.

Ben Trigg has a full Public Liability Certificate for damages up to £10,000,000 which, of course, will never be needed – but it’s there just in case. Many of our musicians also come with the same Public Liability Insurance.

We look forward to getting the conversation started!


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