How much does a music lesson cost?

You can get learning right away with lessons from me (if you live in the south east London area) – music lessons don’t have to cost the earth.

You may have been wondering about picking up a new instrument (or dusting off an old one) but have no idea what the cost might be to you. Very often these unknowns can hold us back from making a decision. So put your mind at ease with this information, and let me know if you’d like to talk about starting some lessons!

Hourly Rate

Lessons through Ben Trigg Music cost £15 for half an hour, or £30 for an hour.


But wait – there’s more. Can’t afford £15 per week? What about every fortnight? What about a £30 one-hour lesson once a month? There are many ways we can make music happen for you – to fit around your budget and lifestyle. A certain amount of commitment is required – you have to be serious to learn an instrument. That’s why I often encourage upfront payment – it helps me out, but it helps you to commit too. And if you think you can commit to weekly  lessons, all the better for your learning!

In general, half-hour lessons will be offered to learners at the early stages of picking up their instrument. For more advanced pupils, hour-long lessons can be extremely beneficial, even if less regular.

Purchasing an Instrument

If this is something you haven’t done already, you will need to consider buying an instrument for practice. I will consistently emphasise practice when giving lessons which, without an instrument of your own, will be difficult! Nevertheless under certain circumstances I can offer a limited number of lessons on a shared instrument, negotiate possible instrument loans (depending on what it is), and offer ways to practice without an instrument between lessons. Everything is possible!

When it does come time to buying an instrument, it shouldn’t be difficult to find something you don’t have to remortgage your house to afford, and I have often advised on best prices and places to buy for new learners.


Along with resources produced by me, from time to time it will be useful and necessary to buy tuition books or sheet music to give you some material to work through in practice. While this cost is down to you to cover, I can order the items to make it easy for you to reimburse me when you pay for your lessons. Exam board books come at just a few pounds each and might only need to be bought once or twice a year – depending on your progress!

Time Commitment

Money isn’t the only cost involved in learning an instrument. As I mentioned above, practice is key. Learning an instrument doesn’t happen in the lessons, it happens in the days or weeks between lessons when you sit down for half an hour a day, or 45 minutes every two days, or an hour on Sunday evenings when you have the only quiet space in your week you can find.

Yes, learning an instrument takes time. But it’s one of the most rewarding investments of time you can make. There’s nothing like knowing that because you consistently put in whatever regular slot of time you could find, your technique and ability to play things on an instrument is greater this month than it was last month. That’s the key: a regular, consistent commitment of time during your week between lessons to work on what we’ve looked at during the lessons.

Over to You

And that’s it! Here at Ben Trigg Music I’m happy to negotiate a plan that works for you before we embark on the adventure of learning a new instrument.

What about location though? In some cases I am able to travel to you, depending on where you live; in others, there may be common locations where I am able to be based to offer tuition. Again, you only need to get in touch to find out what might work!

I offer lessons in:

  • Piano and jazz piano
  • Music theory and jazz theory
  • Guitar (Pop, rock, country, jazz)
  • Bass (Electric)
  • Drums and percussion

Get in touch now to start a conversation!

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